Richaun Holmes

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Kings 132, Spurs 115: How ’bout them KANGZ?

Sacramento won their fifth game in a row thanks to a complete team effort, including some help from the new guys.
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Kings vs. Spurs Preview: The Mild, Mild West

The Sacramento Kings inch closer to the 10th seed and your blood pressure inches closer to a hospital visit.
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Chainmail: Let’s talk about that trade deadline

The Kings made some minor moves at the trade deadline, let's chat about it!
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Kings 141, Warriors 119: Fox and Haliburton lead the Kings past the Warriors

De'Aaron Fox scored a career-high 44 points to lead the Kings past the shorthanded Golden State Warriors.
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How does the Delon Wright acquisition affect Richaun Holmes’ future in Sacramento?

If the Kings don't make another move, Holmes may not be an option in free agency.
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Dallas Mavericks interested in Richaun Holmes

Add another team to the list of organizations interested in Richaun's services.
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Exploring the idea of Richaun Holmes to Toronto

Louis Zatzman, who covers the Raptors, joins me to talk through Toronto's reported interest in Richaun Holmes.
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Is this a make-or-break deadline for the Kings?

If the Kings fail to make a substantial move, how much longer will Kings fans wait?
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Exploring the idea of Richaun Holmes to Charlotte

A Charlotte cover joins me to talk about what a potential Richaun Holmes deal would look like.
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Report: Hornets, Raptors, others interested in Richaun Holmes

Could the Kings starting center be on the move?
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Kings 107, Celtics 96: Fox and Holmes save the day

Kings hold the Celtics under 100 points for their second win in a row
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Kings Pulse: Cap Implications of the Trade Deadline with Tim Maxwell

Moving on from Harrison Barnes or Buddy Hield could have a significant impact on re-signing Richaun Holmes.
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Defenders stuck watching De’Aaron Fox in the paint as his assists pile up

Fox said he has noticed defenders turning their heads. Let's take a look at some of that.
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Kings 125, Rockets 105: Rest is good for the soul

Vacation time is important, people!
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Mid-season Grades: Centers and Coaches

The crew gathered together to hand out some grades.
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Kings 123, Lakers 120: Fox ‘fouls out,’ but Kings still eke out win

It was a win. It was a competitive game. It shouldn't have been, but it was a win.
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Kings 110, Pistons 107: No Tyrese, yet the Kings win out East

It was an ugly showing in Detroit, but a win is a win.
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Kings 118, Nets 127: Tyrese Haliburton has a career night, Kings get better draft position

Tyrese Haliburton ties his career-high with 23 points, Sacramento falls to 12-19 on the season.
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Kings 114, Bulls 122: Sacramento’s downfall was defense once again

Zach LaVine and the Chicago Bulls proved to be too much for the shorthanded Sacramento Kings.
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Chainmail: Answering your questions with James Ham

This week we welcome special guest, James Ham of NBCS!
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The Kings will be without Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes against Miami

Both players sat out practice today according to Luke Walton.
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Kings vs Nets Preview: Do You Believe in Life After Love?

The Kings got a goose egg in the wins column for Valentine's Day and now their relationship with the Western Conference is on the rocks again.