Community Guidelines

We are a website built by Kings fans for Kings fans. We aim to provide an avenue for fans to have fun discussions. We want everyone to feel welcome in this community. To help with that, we have put together the following guidelines.

Ultimately, we encourage everyone to be respectful, and if it has been brought to our attention that people are not doing so, we will take action to make sure that behavior does not continue.

Please follow the below guidelines:

Users with more than one account: Please create and use only one account.

Any type of harassment: This can take various forms, whether it is intimidation or sexual harassment, and it will not be tolerated regardless of how it takes place (commentary or visual imagery).

Character attacks: Any attack on an individual personally is not allowed. That can be threats, insults, hate comments, derogatory name calling, attacks on an individual’s appearance, or anything of similar nature.

Explicit imagery or discussions: Any images that are uploaded to the comment section should be appropriate. This means no offensive images (violent, purposefully offensive, profane, etc.).

Bad language: We aren’t going to ban you over an occasional cuss word. We are adults here, but when it becomes excessive we will need to take action. We want this to be an approachable and welcoming community.

Discrimination: Any language that targets a particular race, religion, sex, or general world point of view will not be tolerated.

Spamming: Don’t use our comment section to promote a bunch of links or places where people can go and download items or pay for products. If we see this behavior, you might be removed from the site.

Trolling: Don’t do it. Getting people worked up for the sake of getting them worked up is not tolerated. Also, do not post anything personally about someone that would be considered private information. If this type of behavior occurs in your first post, it will be flagged and we may take action to remove you from the comments section.

Anything illegal: Avoid encouraging or promoting anything illegal. Further, do not make light of any such behavior. Comments and users who do will be blocked and removed.

We reserve the right to warn, block, or remove anyone who violates any of the above guidelines, or anything else not listed above that we deem to be inappropriate. The decision to do so will be made by managers of The Kings Herald.

Thank you all for participating in our community, and go Kangz!