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Our Mission

We are a Sacramento Kings blog dedicated to providing independent coverage of the Sacramento Kings franchise. You can find exclusive Sacramento Kings breaking news and analysis here. As a Sacramento Kings news outlet created by Sacramento Kings fans for fans, we also serve as a community that allows everyone to have engaging and fun discussions about the team in a fan forum style.

Our History

We ran Sactown Royalty for 15 years. Now, we run and operate The Kings Herald.

Our Team

Editor In Chief – Akis Yerocostas

Managing Editor – Greg Wissinger

Social Media/Business Development Manager – Kevin Fippin

Contributor Outreach Manager – Tim Maxwell

Community Outreach Manager/Kings Herald Show Host – Will Griffith

Fundraising Manager/Kings Herald Show Host – Tony Xypteras

Kings Herald Show Host – Jerry Reynolds

NBA Draft Specialist/Contributor – Bryant West

Reporter – Melissa Triebwasser 

Contributor – Rob Hessing

Contributor – Robby Biegler

Contributor – Omer Khan

Contributor – Mirann Lolani Tsumura

Contributor – Brenden Nunes

Contributor – Noel Harris

Contributor – Richard Ivanowski

Contributor – TJ Macias

Contributor – Bradley Geiser