Our Mission

We are a Sacramento Kings blog dedicated to providing independent coverage of the team. As a Sacramento Kings news outlet created by fans for fans, we also serve as a community that allows everyone to have engaging and fun discussions about the team. 

Our History

For 15 years, our team ran Sactown Royalty. Now, we are The Kings Herald.

Our Team

Editor In Chief - Akis Yerocostas
Managing Editor - Greg Wissinger
Website Manager - Blake Ellington
Business Development/Social Media Manager - Kevin Fippin
Fundraising Manager - Tony Xypteras
Community Outreach Manager - Will Griffith
Contributor Outreach Manager - Tim Maxwell
The Kings Herald Show Host - JERRY REYNOLDS
The Jester's Court Podcast Host - Bradley Geiser
Contributor/Draft Specialist - Bryant West
Contributor - Richard Ivanowski
Contributor - Brenden Nunes
Contributor - Omer Khan
Contributor - TJ Macias
Contributor - Sanjesh Singh
Contributor - Robby Biegler
Contributor - Mirann Lolani Tsumura
Contributor - Noel Harris