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Sacramento Kings signing Damian Jones to a second 10-Day Contract

The big man will spend another 10 days with the Kings.
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If the team doesn't care, why should I?
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Luke Walton says Marvin Bagley is “not close to being ready to play”

Bagley reportedly is still wearing a splint on his injured hand.
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Suns 122, Kings 114: Competitive Game, but a 9th Straight Loss

The Sacramento Kings have lost their 9th straight loss (again) as the sun sets on this roller coaster season.
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Kings vs. Suns Preview: Eight and Counting…

Remember last season when the Kings had a better record than the Suns?
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Around the Realm: LaMarcus Aldridge is retiring due to health concerns

Aldridge announced his retirement via social media.
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Wizards 123, Kings 111: Gee Wiz, Kings lose eighth straight

More bad defense from the Kings means no dark sorcery needed from the Wizards tonight.
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Marvin Bagley will rejoin the Kings in Phoenix

Luke Walton announced Bagley would rejoin the team after being away with a broken hand.
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Richaun Holmes out for next three games with hamstring strain

The Kings will be without Richaun Holmes for at least the next three games.
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What is it going to take for Robert Woodard to get some playing time?

The Mississippi State forward deserves a look.
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Kings vs. Wizards Preview: Seven and Counting…

If the Sacramento Kings want to win a game this week, today might be their best chance.
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Would Richaun Holmes take a discount to stay in Sacramento?

In a recent interview Holmes discussed how much he loves Sacramento, and how important off-court factors are in free agency.
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What happened to the plan?

Sacramento's inability to commit to a plan has once again hurt them.
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Chainmail: Fan therapy session

The Kings are no fun. Let’s talk about it!

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