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Kings flounder on final day of California Classic

Louis King and Emanuel Terry both played well, but the Kings couldn't find their rhythm against a physical Lakers squad.
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Davion Mitchell shines in Summer League debut

Sacramento's newest rookie guard put up 23 points and showcased the defense and toughness he's known for.
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Report: Kings “definitely have interest” in Pascal Siakam

Sam Amick joined The Deuce & Mo Podcast and shared some interesting notes about the Kings' interest in Toronto's All-Star forward.
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Reviewing the Davion Mitchell v. Tyrese Haliburton matchup in college

Let's take a look at some of the tape from their two games against each other.
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Where do the Kings stand after Day 1 of free agency?

Money was spent, contracts were signed. What do the Kings have left to do?
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Tristan Thompson trade still expected to go through, per report

The final deal could end up looking different from the way it was originally reported.
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Report: Sacramento Kings sign Alex Len to two-year deal

The fan favorite makes his return to Sacramento.
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Report: Moe Harkless has agreed to a two-year, $9M deal with the Kings

Monte McNair could be more Harkless. Not entirely sure that makes sense, but I'm leaving it here.
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Sacramento Kings add Doug Christie to Luke Walton’s Coaching Staff

Doug will move from the broadcast booth to the sideline.
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Richaun Holmes is still likely to stay in Sacramento, per report

The latest chatter suggest the Kings may keep their starting center.
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Pre-Free Agency Rumor Roundup

A quick recap of all the news and rumors on the day before free agency.
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Davion Mitchell and Neemias Queta will play in California Classic and Vegas Summer League

In their introductory press conference, it was confirmed that we won’t have to wait long to see the rookies in action.
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Breaking: Kings trade Delon Wright for Tristan Thompson

Sacramento upped its big man depth and cleared out a guard.
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Monte McNair says he went best players available in draft, pleased they turned out to be defensive-minded

The Kings did not bring Davion Mitchell in for a pre-draft workout, but interviewed him at the Combine.
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Sacramento’s pick of Davion Mitchell gets mixed reviews

Local and national pundits alike seem to like Mitchell's experience and talent, but are confused by his fit in a crowded Sacramento backcourt.
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Updated: Lakers trade for Russell Westbrook, Buddy Hield trade is dead

The Kings might have just had the rug pulled out from under them.