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Pistons 133, Kings 131: Kings find another new way to lose

I thought I'd seen every way this team can lose a basketball game, but I was wrong.
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Kings vs Pistons Preview: One Piece At A Time

The Kings are coming off a loss to the lowly Houston Rockets. Can they muster the wherewithal for an even worse Pistons squad?
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Report: Kings interested in Jerami Grant

Grant could be a backup plan if more aggressive trade ideas fall through.
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Report: Kings pursuing Ben Simmons or Domantas Sabonis

As expected, Sacramento's front office is chasing some huge names.
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Chris Haynes discussed De’Aaron Fox trade rumors with Deuce and Mo

The Kings plan to build around Fox, but Fox knows nothing is off the table.
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Rockets 118, Kings 112: Kings lose without their backcourt

No Tyrese Haliburton and an ejected De'Aaron Fox leave the Kings unable to close out the Rockets.
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Kings vs Rockets Preview: Space Oddity

Are the Kings allowed to win three games in a row????
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Kings Pulse: Exploring Turner & Sabonis Deals w/ Mark Schindler

What would it take to trade for Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis?
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Alvin Gentry pushing for more consistent pace

Plus, Marvin Bagley is averaging 16 points and 10 rebounds over the last three games.
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Kings 126, Rockets 114: Taking Care of Business

De'Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley's big nights carried the Sacramento Kings to their second straight win.
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Kings vs. Rockets Preview: Back at Ground Control

The Kings have an easy four game stretch upcoming... does it mean anything?
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A Preface for the Trade Deadline

Let's clarify some things.
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Kings 125, Lakers 116: Kings win AND Lakers lose!

It doesn't get any better than that.
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The Kings need more from Harrison Barnes

It's clear that the coaching staff wants more from Barnes, but he's been quiet as of late.
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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: Easier than Lying

The Sacramento Kings have lost five straight and now have to take on Lebron James and... well basically just Lebron James at this point.
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Kings assign Richaun Holmes and Terence Davis to Stockton

Holmes is out of health and safety protocols and working his way back to game action.