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Strong defensive effort helps Kings hold opponent under 100 points for first time in nearly a month

Marvin Bagley has nice performance off the bench, compliments Alvin Gentry for "coaching us the right way."
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Kings 104 , Clippers 99: Gotta Win Schooner or Later!

The Kings beat the Clippers in Sacramento for the first time in eight years! Does it mean anything? WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!
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Kings vs Clippers Preview: LA-ja Vu

The Kings are back home and taking on a Clippers team they just beat three days ago...
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Kings 124, Clippers 115: Kings dominate short-handed Clippers

Sacramento took care of business against a team missing their two superstars.
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Kings vs. Clippers Preview: Season Over Yet?

The Kings are going to try to shake off an embarrassing second half against the Lakers... but... do you really care?
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Lakers 117, Kings 92: A tale as old as time

A good start turned into a complete meltdown in the blink of an eye. For these Sacramento Kings, that's just business as usual.
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The Kings are getting more offensive rebounds and free throw attempts under Gentry, but plenty of issues still loom

The Kings still are having defensive problems, lapses in execution, mysteriously missing energy, and not being able to knock down shots.
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Neemias Queta is already making his mark for the Stockton Kings

Neemias Queta, a Sacramento Kings second-round pick, recorded his third NBA G League double-double Monday in the Stockton Kings' loss to G League Ignite. Here's what stood out to me.
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Kings vs. Lakers Preview: Hatesgiving PART TWO

As always... F*** the L*kers.
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Luke Walton is out, Alvin Gentry is in, and the Kings remain the Kings

The Kings Herald Show is back. Jerry Reynolds, Will Griffith, and Tony Xypteras break down all the Sacramento Kings news from the last two weeks.
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Gentry expected energy from Memphis, but his roster didn’t come to play

Sacramento's blowout loss in Memphis was filled with similar issues from prior disappointments.
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The Kings are killing themselves from beyond the arc

The green light should be the exception, not the rule.
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Kings Pulse: A very Kangz performance in Memphis

Tim Maxwell joins the show to talk about what went wrong in Memphis and where the Kings go from here.
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Grizzlies 128, Kings 101: Kangz are back

Three high-effort games in a row is still too much to ask for from this team.
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Kings vs. Grizzlies Preview: WIN STREAK??

The Kings have won back to back close games... do they have the gas to make it a third? Also, EARLY GAAAAME.