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30Q: Can Chimezie Metu Earn a Role?

The 24-year-old from USC could be one of the Kings only floor spacing big men.
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30Q: Did the Kings do enough this offseason to fix their rebounding?

Sacramento was one of the worst rebounding teams in the league last season. Did they do enough to fix that this summer?
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30Q: How can De’Aaron Fox evolve into a scoring juggernaut?

A couple of adjustments to De'Aaron's game could see him rise to the top-10 in NBA scoring.
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30Q: Can Harrison Barnes improve on last season?

After a career year, can Harrison Barnes find ways to continue to improve?
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30Q: Is Louis King ready to contribute in Sacramento?

The Kings need more depth at the wing spot, and Louis King looked great in Las Vegas Summer League - is he ready for meaningful NBA minutes?
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30Q: Can Jahmi’us Ramsey earn a spot in the rotation?

After a strong Summer League, how do the Kings find an opportunity for the team’s youngest player?
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30Q: How could Doug Christie help the Kings?

In his first NBA coaching role, Doug Christie wants to take care of some "unfinished business" with the Kings.
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Chris Webber, Rick Adelman, and Yolanda Griffith to be inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame tomorrow

Sacramento's best get their due in tomorrow's Hall of Fame ceremony.
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30Q: How concerned should we be about Robert Woodard’s development?

After a solid showing in the G League Bubble, Woodard looked lost for most of Summer League

Kayte Christensen-Hunter named as Kings new TV Game Analyst

The Kings have a new but familiar face in the broadcast booth.
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30Q: How can the coaching staff improve Sacramento’s defense?

A few simple adjustments could make a huge difference in Sacramento.

Kings Pulse: Building a Culture, with Mirann

Mirann joins the show for her first podcast appearance!
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Sacramento Kings sign Emanuel Terry to Exhibit 10 Contract

The deal gives the Kings the ability to retain Terry with the Stockton Kings.
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30Q: Will De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton be a better defensive backcourt?

Let's talk about three reasons why they should be.
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30Q: Can Tyrese Haliburton become a star?

Tyrese Haliburton's growth over his rookie season shows he could exceed every pre-draft expectation.
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30Q: How long will Buddy Hield remain a King?

After nearly being traded to the Lakers, how much longer will Buddy Hield be in Sacramento?
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30Q: Can the Kings be an average defensive team?

Will the Kings finally take some pride on the other end of the floor?
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30Q: Is Marvin Bagley’s time with the Kings done?

Bagley's time with the Kings has been tumultuous and disappointing to say the least. Is there any hope that this situation can be salvaged or is this just the end of the line?
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30Q: Should the Kings be focusing on acquiring talent or building culture?

If Ben Simmons = talent and Tyrese Haliburton = building culture, which is more valuable for the Kings right now?
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Kings Pulse: Understanding Ben Simmons and his fit in Sacramento w/ Jackson Frank

Jackson Frank joins the show to give some insight into Ben Simmons and potential deals.
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30Q: Can Davion Mitchell win Defensive Player Of the Year?

It's unlikely, but we look at the path to the award anyway.
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Amick: The Kings aren’t a likely landing spot for Ben Simmons

The two teams would very much like you to know that they aren't budging.
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30Q: Will the Kings finally swing for the fences?

Sacramento's potential pursuit of Ben Simmons could be the big move that Monte McNair has been waiting to make.
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Jerry Reynolds answers your questions about life, basketball, and the Sacramento Kings

Jerry Reynolds tells the "Holy Moley Jimbob Boley" origin story, among other things, and it's perfect.
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Could Tristan Thompson Be The Kings Secret Weapon?

Is Monte McNair playing 4D chess in his pursuit of Ben Simmons?