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Reviewing the Davion Mitchell v. Tyrese Haliburton matchup in college

Let's take a look at some of the tape from their two games against each other.
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There’s no shortage of good options for the Kings at 9

This draft class presents many solid choices for the Kings to improve the team.
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Report: Montrezl Harrell discussed as part of Buddy Hield trade negotiations

Various versions of the deal have involved Harrell, Kyle Kuzma, and the 22nd overall pick.
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Chainmail: Talkin’ draft picks, trades, and free agency

Special guest Brenden Nunes joins the mailbag!
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2021 NBA Lottery Teams Mock Draft

With one week until this draft, here is how we could see the lottery playing out.
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The Sacramento Kings are aggressively pursuing Damian Lillard, per report

It's unclear what the Kings would need to give up, but it would likely be a lot.
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The Kings are succeeding in working out high-quality prospects

The Kings have historically struggled to get top prospects to visit, but have had success this summer.