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30Q: Will the Kings finally end their playoff drought?

This Kings team will either break the drought or set the NBA record for futility.
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30Q: The Annual Nickname Thread

It’s nickname time!
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30Q: What if Ben Simmons is traded elsewhere?

The Kings need more top-end talent, so where can they pivot if Simmons is no longer an option?
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30Q: Where are the Small Forwards?

While Monte McNair says the roster is balanced and versatile, his moves have done little to bring in true forward depth.
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30Q: How much better can the Kings’ bench be?

The Sacramento Kings didn't swing for the fences this summer, but they did make some noteworthy improvements on the bench.
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30Q: Mailbag Edition

You asked, we answered!
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30Q: What constitutes success this season?

How will you judge whether this season is successful or not?
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30Q: Can the Kings balance minutes to keep everyone happy?

Luke Walton has a lot of lineup juggling to do.
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30Q: Did the failed Lakers trade boost Buddy Hield’s trade value?

As Monte McNair continues to play it slow, is Buddy's value rising?
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30Q: Where can the Kings find some consistency?

After an up-and-down season, the Kings could greatly benefit from some consistency.