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Monte McNair says he went best players available in draft, pleased they turned out to be defensive-minded

The Kings did not bring Davion Mitchell in for a pre-draft workout, but interviewed him at the Combine.
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Eurohoops Turkey staff joins us to discuss Alperen Şengün’s future in the NBA

Semih Tuna, Eurohoops Turkey Editor-in-Chief, and Buğra Uzar, Eurohoops Turkey Reporter, joined us to discuss Şengün's defense, how coachable he is and more.
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Monte McNair on Luke Walton: ‘He’s the coach who is going to get us back to the playoffs’

McNair clarifies that it was a basketball decision, not a money decision.
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De’Aaron Fox on Luke Walton: ‘People can say whatever they want, but we know how we feel about each other’

On Tuesday, Fox addressed how he feels about Luke Walton and the team retaining him.
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Richaun Holmes: ‘I love playing here in Sacramento’

The big man has loved his time in Sacramento and the fans, but when it comes to what happens this summer when he becomes an unrestricted free agent he says, "We'll see what happens."
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Tyrese Haliburton needs more minutes to help establish the backcourt of the future

The Kings are 1-7 since Haliburton was benched for Moe Harkless.
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Luke Walton says he needs more of a sample size before making changes to starting lineup

Tyrese Haliburton is playing well and Buddy Hield is struggling. Should they be swapped in the starting lineup? Walton doesn't think so yet.
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Kings remain average offensively, really bad defensively

It's been this way for what seems like forever, right?
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As the stats pile up, De’Aaron Fox is also increasing his vocal leadership

Leading in team huddles, holding teammates accountable, taking over in the fourth quarter - it's exactly what this team needs from Fox.