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Alvin Gentry is searching for answers as to why the Kings can’t win at home

Kings tally another home loss after slow start against the Hawks. Plus, De'Aaron Fox wants Tyrese Haliburton to be more aggressive.
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Despite win, troubles on defense again resurface

Kings follow up strong defensive performance against the Clippers by allowing the Magic to score 130 points
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Earned angst and the Sacramento Kings

The Kings aren't horribly off track to start the season, but being on track for the play-in isn't enough.
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Kings Pulse: A disappointing road trip & some parallels to Minnesota

Audio clips from Walton & Thompson, thoughts on the changing rotation, and Dane Moore gives his perspective on different "solutions" to similar issues.
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No, No, Dig Up, Stupid

Marvin Bagley's attempts to defend his liked tweet only make things worse.
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It’s past time to trade Marvin Bagley

He wants out. The Kings want him out. Let's get him out.
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The Kings came really close to landing the #1 pick

For a brief moment yesterday, the Kings had the best odds in the NBA to land the #1 pick.
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Let’s talk about Luke Walton’s job security

Everyone knows Luke Walton is on the hot seat. What the Athletic presupposes is, maybe he isn't?