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Orlando should have been more than a €˜learning experience’ for the Kings

It would be nice to believe that the Kings are going to take this experience, learn from it and come back next season to make the playoffs. The track record says otherwise.
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It’s time to play the young players

The Kings are essentially out of the playoff race, but maybe the youth can bring some meaning to Orlando.
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Thank you, Vlade. It’s time to step down.

Vlade Divac will always be one of my favorite Sacramento Kings. But I'd appreciate him more if he'd admit the truth - that he is not the person who can save this Kings rebuild.
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Watching the Tape: Sacramento’s errors against Orlando

The Kings trailed by 36 at one point. What in the world went wrong?
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How much is enough?

After yet another disastrous performance, how much longer will Kings fans be asked to endure the same incompetence?
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly €“ NBA Bubble Games, Week 2

De'Aaron Fox stars against the Spurs, but the Kings look listless in Orlando as they lose their first two matchups in the NBA restart.
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The seemingly endless tale of the Sacramento Kangz

The more things change, the more the Kings stay the Kangz.
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Eight Games

These are the most important eight games for the Kings in over a decade. Hopefully they're up to the challenge.
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Building a path to the playoffs for the Sacramento Kings

Let's break things down a bit, shall we?
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Watching the Tape: Kent Bazemore, the spark plug off the bench

Bazemore's energy off the bench has been crucial to Luke Walton's rotation.