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30Q: Can Harrison Barnes bounce back?

Barnes didn't have a bad year last year, but can he be even better this season?
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20Q: How many games will the Kings win?

As we wrap up our 20Q series, we ask the biggest question of all.
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20Q: The Annual Nickname Thread!

What nicknames can we come up with for our newest Kings? Who knows, maybe some of these will get picked up for the long haul.
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20Q: Can Tyrese Haliburton win Rookie of the Year?

The Kings rookie has impressed early, could he take home ROY honors?
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20Q: Where will the Kings finish in the West?

The Western Conference is stacked, and the Kings' roster is... not.
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20Q: Can Marvin Bagley be a Long-Term Key for the Kings?

If Bagley can stay healthy, there's still plenty of opportunity for him to prove he is a franchise pillar for this team. But the clock is ticking. 
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20Q: What can Hassan Whiteside provide for the Sacramento Kings?

Hassan Whiteside's numbers are fantastic, but what about his impact?
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20Q: Which Kings will exceed expectations?

Some of the older faces could benefit from the surrounding incoming talent.
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20Q: Can Luke Walton salvage his future in Sacramento?

Is the Kings Head Coach doomed from the start?