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Domantas Sabonis named All-Star, De’Aaron Fox snubbed

Domantas Sabonis is the first Sacramento Kings All-Star since the 2016-17 season. De'Aaron Fox however was not selected.
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Should the Kings bring back DeMarcus Cousins?

The former King expressed an interest in returning to Sacramento, does it make sense for the Kings?
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Things Yet Come to Pass

There are 22 games left in the season for the Kings to mess it alllllll up!
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Kings 105, Grizzlies 124: Short-handed Kings fall at home

The Kings played hard, but having so few rotational NBA players was never going to end well.
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The perpetual ‘learning’ loop of the Sacramento Kings

Things always get talked about, but never fixed.
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Kings vs. Rockets Preview: The Gravity of Collapsing Stars

The Sacramento Kings will be without Tyrese Haliburton as they face off yet again against a Houston Rockets still playing each game on eggshells.
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Kings: 119, Rockets: 122: And Now, On to 2021!

The Sacramento Kings went wire to wire against the new look Houston Rockets, but came just short of going into 2021 with a 4-1 record.
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Kings vs. Rockets Preview: Houston, You Have a Problem

The Kings will wrap up a dramatic and hectic 2020 by taking on the most dramatic and hectic team in the league.
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Around The Realm: Harden violated league protocols, other Rockets may miss opener as well

We made it one day into the season before the impacts of COVID-19 started disrupting the league.
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Around the Realm: Free Agency Days 2 and 3 Roundup

As we reach the end of free agency, let's round up all the major moves.
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Denver’s playoff win reminds Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, and Isaiah Thomas what could have been

Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, and Isaiah Thomas reflect on what could have been if the Kings hadn't fired Michael Malone.
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Could Vlade’s exit open the door for Boogie’s return?

With his enemies fallen, could an exiled King return to Sacramento?
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De’Aaron Fox can’t save the Sacramento Kings

One player can only do so much.
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Free agents the Sacramento Kings should consider

The Kings have one open roster spot and should be looking to fill it. 
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A New Tomorrow

A discussion of the struggles of injustice, technology, tone-deafness, racism, and things we can do to attempt to move forward.
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Grant Napear’s €œAll Lives Matter€ tweet elicits strong replies from former players

In the wake of protests around the country, Grant Napear's tweet drew responses from DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Webber, and Matt Barnes.
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George Karl discusses DeMarcus Cousins, Vivek Ranadive, Vlade Divac

On a recent podcast, George Karl went in-depth discussing a variety of the issues he had in Sacramento.

The Sactown Chronicles: Back to the Future

New Owner, Same KANGZ. At least things finally seem to start to be looking up? Maybe? Please?

The Sactown Chronicles: The Post-Adelman Spiral

Those last eight years were sure fun right? Life just hasn't been the same since the Kings fired Rick Adelman. At least we kept our team in Sacramento though.

The Top 50 Sacramento Kings of All-Time: The Top Ten

We finish our breakdown of the top Sacramento Kings of all time as we take a look at the 10 best players to ever suit up in Sacramento.