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Kings Pulse: The Ceiling of Tyrese Haliburton

In this episode, we discuss Tyrese Haliburton's rookie year, his NBA ceiling, and if we'd include him in any realistic trade discussions.

Kings Pulse: Building a Culture, with Mirann

Mirann joins the show for her first podcast appearance!
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Kings Pulse: Understanding Ben Simmons and his fit in Sacramento w/ Jackson Frank

Jackson Frank joins the show to give some insight into Ben Simmons and potential deals.
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Jerry Reynolds answers your questions about life, basketball, and the Sacramento Kings

Jerry Reynolds tells the "Holy Moley Jimbob Boley" origin story, among other things, and it's perfect.
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Kings Pulse: Potential Internal Improvements, with Greg Wissinger

What players can we expect improvements from headed into next year?
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Kings Summer League Championship Celebration and Offseason Review with Jerry Reynolds

No time for losers, 'cause we are the summer league champions, of the world!!!!!!
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Kings Pulse: The Pros and Cons of a Three Guard Lineup

I took a look at the most recent successful three-guard lineup, the 19-20 Thunder, with an OKC cover.
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Kings Pulse: 2021 Summer League Champions w/ Jill Adge

Jill joins the show to celebrate the title and talk about Summer League performances.
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Davion Mitchell is a King, Richaun Holmes is back, and summer league talk with Jerry Reynolds

We talked to the great Jerry Reynolds about all the big Sacramento Kings news this week.
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Kings Pulse: Chasing after Pascal Siakam w/ Louis Zatzman

A Raptors cover joins the show to talk about Siakam as a player and his current value.