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Kings Pulse: 2021-22 Over/Unders for the Sacramento Roster

We use some over/under discussions to go over the Sacramento Kings roster and our expectations for each of the key players.

With a few preseason games in the books, we worked through some over/under numbers as conversation starters about the key Sacramento Kings players. Our buddy and Kings Herald contributor Omer Khan spawned this idea when he posted these over/under numbers on Twitter a few days ago, and we worked our way through them (with a few changes to some of the numbers) as a way to discuss our expectations for each player in the 2021-22 season. The over/unders we went through were:

  • De’Aaron Fox: 75% from the free throw line
  • Tyrese Haliburton: 7 assists per game
  • Buddy Hield: 4 three pointers made per game
  • Harrison Barnes: 16 points per game
  • Richaun Holmes: 9 rebounds per game
  • Davion Mitchell: 25 minutes per game
  • Mo Harkless: 34% from three point
  • Marvin Bagley: 25 games with the Kings
  • Tristan Thompson: 22 minutes per game
  • Terence Davis: 8 points per game
  • Alex Len: 1 blocks per game

Our discussions that came from this exercise included:

  • De'Aaron Fox's excellent game against the Los Angeles Clippers
  • Davion Mitchell guarding up positions
  • Which of the backup big men - Len or Thompson - will get more playing time?
  • Bagley's lack of physicality in the preseason

Our Overtime question for the episode: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? No cheating and selecting some superhero with a variety of abilities - just a single superpower!

What are your picks for the over/unders? What superpower would you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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Patreon Supporter
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October 11, 2021 3:14 pm

Bryant’s second-choice superpower was straight-up comedy! Four Bryant’s to do four different tasks and they all end up watching college prospect tape LOL.

Some of my takes:

  • Fox – 75% FT% – good line. Hard to say.
  • Haliburton – 7 APG – over. They will stagger him and Fox, and Haliburton will initiate the offense without Fox. Plus more minutes for Haliburton. And he just has great vision.
  • Holmes – 9 RPG – over if he starts with Buddy. Under if he starts with Bagley. I’m probably still optimistic but this is one of those where the Kings need Richaun to get that many for their defense to be non-trash.
  • Mitchell – 25 MPG – under unless he really shows his value or there are significant injuries.
  • Harkless – 34% 3P% – under. He is not a good shooter.
  • Bagley – 25 games missed due to injury – over. It is what it is. He is injury prone.
  • Thompson – 22 MPG – probably under unless they try to play him at PF some. That would help with rebounding but hurt spacing. But if he plays center, there are three playable centers and 48 minutes to divide amongst them.
  • Davis – 8 PPG – over. He’ll get his.
  • Len – 1 BPG – good line. He protects the rim well without getting a ton of blocks though.
October 11, 2021 5:28 pm

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