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Kings Pulse: Learning the new schemes and Keegan Murray’s position

Lots of talk about positions and getting used to Mike Brown's game plans.
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Kings Pulse: KZ Okpala starting, Keegan Murray shines & more preseason takeaways

The first KP podcast from the start of the 2022-23 (pre)season!
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Kings Pulse: Dellavedova vs. Cook, Mike Brown hype, and the training camp roster

Tim Maxwell joins the show to talk about some positional battles, Mike Brown, and more.
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Kings Pulse: Keegan Murray is coming to Sacramento

Keegan Murray could help change the culture and perception of this franchise.
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Kings Pulse 2022 Draft Profiles: Keegan Murray

Keegan Murray is a great fit alongside Domantas Sabonis, but is he worth the number four pick?
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Kings Pulse 2022 Draft Profiles: Tari Eason & Jalen Duren plus live reaction to coaching search updates

Bryant continues to break down 2022 Draft lottery prospects with two very different fits alongside Sabonis. And we were derailed mid-episode by some surprising tweets.
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Kings Pulse: 2022 March Madness NBA Prospects Preview

Bryant West joins the show to talk about the top prospects in 2022 and how they fit with the Sacramento Kings.
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Kings Pulse: Re-Evaluating the Haliburton x Sabonis swap w/ Rich Ivanowski

Rich is back to debate the Kings decision to trade Tyrese Haliburton for Domantas Sabonis.
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Kings Pulse: Promising signs of growth from the back-to-back

Episode 300 of the Kings Pulse podcast!
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Kings Pulse: Building around Fox & Sabonis w/ Sam Amick

Sam Amick joins the show and gives his insight on the past deadline and looming offseason for Sacramento.

Kings Pulse: First games with Sabonis, DiVincenzo, Holiday, and the others

Notes from the new guys first showings plus audio clips from Sabonis, DiVincenzo, McNair, Gentry, and Fox.
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Kings Pulse: What are the Kings getting in Domantas Sabonis?

Mark Schindler joins the show to break down just how good Sabonis is, his fit, and more.
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Kings Pulse: Evaluating Sacramento’s trade assets with James Ham

James joined me to break down the value of McNair's assets for this deadline.
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Kings Pulse: Portland Perspective on the Trade Deadline

Trail Blazers expert Danny Marang joins the show to talk about the deadline from Portland's POV.
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Kings Pulse: Exploring Turner & Sabonis Deals w/ Mark Schindler

What would it take to trade for Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis?
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Kings Pulse: Checking in at the Halfway Point

Half of the season is officially in the books! We give our thoughts on each player's performance so far.
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Kings Pulse: There’s no NEED to Trade De’Aaron Fox

The Kings need more talent... so maybe they shouldn't trade away their best player?
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Kings Pulse: A frustrating night as players returned to action

Dissecting postgame moments from Gentry, Davis, and Fox. Players need to "look in the mirror", plus a needed talk about Buddy.
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Kings Pulse: Repeating the same mistakes, and a trade season primer

Thoughts and clips from the 0-3 road trip & potential trade candidates.
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Kings Pulse: A very Kangz performance in Memphis

Tim Maxwell joins the show to talk about what went wrong in Memphis and where the Kings go from here.
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Kings Pulse: Walton is gone… now what?

Is moving on from Walton enough to change this team's trajectory or does more need to happen?
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Kings Pulse: A disappointing road trip & some parallels to Minnesota

Audio clips from Walton & Thompson, thoughts on the changing rotation, and Dane Moore gives his perspective on different "solutions" to similar issues.
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Kings Pulse: Sacramento’s blowout loss in San Antonio could be an outlier

Will Griffith joins the show to talk about why we are waiting to freak out after the Kings' big loss in San Antonio. Also, a Spurs cover comes on to give his insight and perspective.
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Kings Pulse: The fight of the ’21-22 Sacramento Kings

Tim and Greg join the show to talk about the resilience of this team and some early trends.
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Kings Pulse: Inconsistencies have the Kings at .500 early on

Tim joins the show to talk about the Kings' offensive lulls, their poor three-point shooting, Fox's start, and some thoughts on the depth.