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Cory Joseph

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Pistons 133, Kings 131: Kings find another new way to lose

I thought I'd seen every way this team can lose a basketball game, but I was wrong.
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Chainmail: You asked, we answered!

Special guest Akis joined the crew for this session!
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Pistons 113, Kings 101: A new, new low

Luke Walton was bad. The Kings were bad. What's new?
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Breaking down what Delon Wright could provide off the Kings bench

Driving and finishing is one of his top skillsets, and we saw a glimpse of it in his first game as a King.
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Chainmail: Let’s talk about that trade deadline

The Kings made some minor moves at the trade deadline, let's chat about it!
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Kings Pulse: Trade Deadline Reactions w/ Tim Maxwell

Tim Maxwell joins the show as we express our reactions the somewhat quiet deadline for the Sacramento Kings and how it impacts the future.
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Meet the new Kings, same as the old Kings

The trade deadline has come and gone and the Kings are mostly the same as they were before.
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How does the Delon Wright acquisition affect Richaun Holmes’ future in Sacramento?

If the Kings don't make another move, Holmes may not be an option in free agency.
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Sacramento Kings trade Cory Joseph to Pistons for Delon Wright

The Sacramento Kings have made their first notable move of the deadline.
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Kings 110, Hawks 108: De’Aaron gets it done

Sacramento's up-and-coming guard duo got it done for the Kings.
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Chainmail: Trade Machine Edition!

Send us trades, trades, and more trades!
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Kings 123, Lakers 120: Fox ‘fouls out,’ but Kings still eke out win

It was a win. It was a competitive game. It shouldn't have been, but it was a win.
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Report: The Sacramento Kings are “working on something significant”

The Sacramento Bee's Jason Anderson has some interesting new intel on what we might see from the Kings over the next several weeks.
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Kings vs. Knicks Preview: How to Handle Randle

The Kings losing streak is now up to eight games. Well, at least all the tradepieces are finally healthy!
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It’s time to bench Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph may bring a veteran presence to the Kings, but his on-court production is just too limited to justify his playing time
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The Kings will be without Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes against Miami

Both players sat out practice today according to Luke Walton.
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Kings 110, Grizzlies 124: The Kangz are back

Just an embarrassing showing by the Kings.
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5 on 5: Five Takeaways After a 4-1 Stretch

The Sacramento Kings have flipped the switch after a putrid 1-4 stretch, winning four of their last five. It's time for new takeaways.
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How the Kings offense picked apart the Toronto Raptors

While Toronto's focused on slowing down Fox, Sacramento's role players took advantage on offense.
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Kings veterans view Tyrese Haliburton as a poised, level-headed veteran

Also, the team discusses what has been clicking over this three-game win streak.
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Chainmail: Submit your questions about the Sacramento Kings

Let's talk all things Kings, shall we?