Bogdan Bogdanovic

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Kings vs Hawks Preview: Revenge of Red Velvet

The Cardiac Kings are home and looking for a win against a team that’s lost 4 straight!
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Tales from the Drought: Bogdan Bogdanovic is Clutch

Despite just a three year tenure with the Kings, Bogdanovic proved to be one of the most clutch Kings of all time.
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Buddy Hield becomes Kings franchise leader in threes made, thriving in bench role

Hield is producing off the bench so far, including rebounding, which will be needed this season
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Let’s talk about Luke Walton’s job security

Everyone knows Luke Walton is on the hot seat. What the Athletic presupposes is, maybe he isn't?
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Kings Pulse: Evaluating Monte McNair and Golden State & Dallas Game Notes

Richard Ivanowski rejoins the show to discuss Monte McNair's first season as the Sacramento Kings' General Manager.
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Is this a make-or-break deadline for the Kings?

If the Kings fail to make a substantial move, how much longer will Kings fans wait?
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The Kings are reportedly interested in John Collins

With the trade deadline just days away, we've got a fresh batch of rumors.
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Why aren’t the Kings shooting more threes?

After an preseason flurry of threes, the Kings rank near the bottom of the league in long range attempts.
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Report: The Hawks offered a protected first round pick for Bogdan Bogdanovic

The Bogdan Bogdanovic saga takes another wild twist.
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Monte McNair says his plan is to keep flexibility to capitalize down the road

McNair spoke to the media about his first free agency period as the Sacramento Kings general manager.
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Chainmail: Answering your questions about the Sacramento Kings

You asked a bunch of questions, and we answered!
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Kings Pulse: Bogdan Bogdanovic has signed with the Atlanta Hawks

In a baffling decision, the Sacramento Kings elected not the match the offer Atlanta presented to Bogdanovic.
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Remain Calm, All Is Well

Why I'm not upset even though the Kings didn't match the deal for Bogdan Bogdanovic.
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The Sacramento Kings should match Bogdan Bogdanović’s contract

Even if both sides are ready to move on, the Kings cannot afford to lose Bogi for nothing.
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The Kings have until 11:59 PM ET tonight to match the Hawks offer to Bogdan Bogdanovic

Monte McNair has the rest of the day to make his decision.
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Would You Rather: Match Bogdanovic’s offer or let him walk?

Let's debate the question currently hanging over the head of the Sacramento Kings.
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Monte McNair has a plan, will Vivek let him execute it?

Monte McNair has been on the job just a few short months and there are already reports of Vivek meddling again.
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Breaking news: Atlanta Hawks submitting an offer sheet on Bogdan Bogdanovic

If Bogdnaovic signs the offer sheet, that's a worst case scenario for the Kings.
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2020 NBA Draft recap and the Bogdan Bogdanovic saga with Jerry Reynolds

Episode 2 of The Kings Herald Show featuring Jerry Reynolds is here, and the Kings gave us plenty to talk about this week.