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March Madness Preview: NBA Draft 2023 Prospect Watch

The best month of the sports year is here, and our resident NBA Draft armchair scout is adjusting to the Kings’ new draft reality. 
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The Kings Herald Lottery Mock Draft

We gathered the crew together to mock the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery selections.
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March Madness Preview: NBA Draft 2022 Prospect Watch

The best month of the sports year is here, and the NCAA Tournament is full of potential members of the 2022 NBA Draft class.
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Reviewing the Davion Mitchell v. Tyrese Haliburton matchup in college

Let's take a look at some of the tape from their two games against each other.
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Monte McNair says he went best players available in draft, pleased they turned out to be defensive-minded

The Kings did not bring Davion Mitchell in for a pre-draft workout, but interviewed him at the Combine.
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March Madness Preview: NBA Draft 2021 Prospect Watch

The best month of the sports year is here, and the 2021 NCAA Tournament is full of potential future NBA stars.
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Monte McNair says it will always be about the best player available

We learned a little more about McNair's direction with the team in his post-draft media session
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Tyrese Haliburton, a student of the game, considers the Kings a ‘perfect fit’ for him

The new King hopes to call Sacramento home for his whole career.
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2020 NBA Draft Big Board, Version 3.0

The 2020 NBA Draft is finally here, and our resident armchair scout and draft guru is here to break down the first round.
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Fanpost: SPTSJUNKIE’s 2020 NBA Draft Model and Guide

SPTSJUNKIE presents his 7th Annual NBA Draft Model and Guide, with results from his five models, statistical insights, and potential strategies and selections for the Kings.
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How Bubble Results will impact the Kings 2020 Draft Lottery Odds

Let's break down the lottery odds and see why the Kings dismal time in Orlando won't help out their 2020 Draft lottery odds.
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Kings Pulse Podcast: Lottery Mock Draft

The Kings Pulse podcast conducts a live mock draft of the lottery. Who will go to the Kings? Aaron Nesmith, Saddiq Bey, Cole Anthony, Tyrese Maxey, or someone else?
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NBA Draft: Rich and Brenden Mock the Lottery

Mocking the top 14 picks of the upcoming draft.
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Report: NBA unlikely to change draft lottery process despite the shortened season

With the 2019-20 NBA regular season likely over, the Sacramento Kings are stuck in the middle.
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Quarantine Rewind: The Kings Draft Nik Stauskas in 2014, and Grantland is there to document it

On this edition of Quarantine Rewind, we revisit Grantland's infamous mini documentary following the Sacramento Kings draft process in 2014.
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Where Would Marvin Bagley Be Selected In A 2018 Re-Draft?

Chad Ford and John Hollinger redrafted the 2018 class. Marvin Bagley didn't fare well. We dig into where we think Bagley should rank.
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The NBA Draft Lottery and Combine have been indefinitely postponed

The move isn't surprising, but it raises questions both for NBA teams and for draft prospects.
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Mock Draft Review: Aaron Nesmith would fit in Sacramento

Sam Vecenie has his latest mock draft out, so our resident draft expert reviews Vecenie's picks for the Kings.
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If The NBA Regular Season Is Over, The League Needs To Flatten Draft Lottery Odds

If the NBA can't figure out a way to finish the season, it doesn't make sense to punish the teams that were still trying to make the playoffs.
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2020 NBA Draft Big Board

Bryant's Big Board is here!