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Aleksej Pokusevski

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Kings vs Thunder Preview: Tanks for Watching

The Kings have lost four in a row. The Thunder have lost seven of nine. Something's gotta give!
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Kings vs. Thunder Preview: The Boogeyman Driving the Tank

The Thunder are in the middle of a dark experiment, and it scares the pants off of the Kings front office.
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Thunder 105, Kings 103: Thunder strikes in OKC

For the fourth time in a row, and the third time this week, the Kings find yet another way to lose a basketball game.
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Kings Pulse: OKC as a trade parter w/ Jacob Kniffen

I would not be surprised if OKC and Sacramento were trade partners this offseason, we are joined by an OKC cover to discuss potential deals.
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Kings vs. Thunder Preview: Poklahoma City, Everyone!

The Kings wrap up their season series with the Thunder and... well... do you need to know more?
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Kings vs. Thunder Preview: Tank Fight!

The Sacramento Kings roll into Oklahoma City looking to outduel a master in the art of the tank! Whoever wins, loses.
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2020 NBA Draft Interviews – Day 4 and 5

Wrapping up the last of the pre-draft interviews.
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2020 NBA Mock Draft Roundup

We're just days away from the 2020 NBA Draft, and here's what the the experts are predicting for the Sacramento Kings.
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Would you rather: Draft for ceiling or for safety?

Should the Kings swing for the fences or play it safe with their lottery pick?
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Royal Roundtable: Draft Crushes

The crew assembled to share our favorite prospects in the 2020 NBA Draft.
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Kings Pulse: Diving into Aleksej Pokusevski w/ PD Web

Brenden is joined by draft expert PD Web to deep dive the polarizing unicorn of a prospect that is Aleksej Pokusevski.
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Kings Pulse Draft Profiles: Aleksej Pokuševski & Jalen Smith

Brenden and Richard continue their draft profiles on the latest episode of the Kings Pulse podcast.