Maurice Harkless

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Kings Pulse: Getting to know Kevin Huerter with Glen Willis

Hawks reporter Glen Willis joins the podcast to share his insight on Kevin Huerter.
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Report: Sacramento Kings acquire Kevin Huerter in trade with Hawks

The Kings will send Justin Holliday, Maurice Harkless, and a protected first round pick.
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Season Review: Maurice Harkless

The Kings relied too heavily on Harkless with predictable results.
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Davion Mitchell is showing promise in extended minutes

Over his last five games of 30+ minutes, Mitchell is averaging 19.4 points, 5.6 assists and 2.2 rebounds on 48% from the field.
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De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton, and Fit

We have no idea how high they can fly.
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Grizzlies 127, Kings 102: Gritty Griz grind down the Kings

The Kangz are here to remind you that Christmas is OVER.
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Warriors 113, Kings 98: Valiant effort from the Kings, but the Warriors close out the fourth

Shorthanded Kings left it all on the floor, but fell to the best defense in the league.
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Breaking down Tyrese Haliburton’s huge performance against the Spurs

This is the aggressive Tyrese the Kings need.
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Davion Mitchell is proving his three-point shot is for real

Good shooters have certain mechanics, and Mitchell is displaying them.
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30Q: Mailbag Edition

You asked, we answered!
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Chainmail: You asked, we answered!

Special guest Akis joined the crew for this session!
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Where do the Kings stand after Day 1 of free agency?

Money was spent, contracts were signed. What do the Kings have left to do?
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Report: Moe Harkless has agreed to a two-year, $9M deal with the Kings

Monte McNair could be more Harkless. Not entirely sure that makes sense, but I'm leaving it here.
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Season Review: Maurice Harkless

Harkless provided the Kings with veteran play, but we shouldn't overvalue what he brought to the Kings.
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Buddy Hield’s altered role in the absence of Fox and Haliburton

Hield was asked to handle the ball more often last season with mixed results, but the Kings now need him to fill that void as injuries have piled on.
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Video breakdown: Appreciating Tyrese Haliburton’s passing

Haliburton is able to manipulate defenders with his passing, and it's a beautiful thing to watch.
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Maurice Harkless has resurrected his season in Sacramento

Many were skeptical of Harkless when he was acquired from Miami, but he has proven he belongs in an NBA rotation.
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Tyrese Haliburton needs more minutes to help establish the backcourt of the future

The Kings are 1-7 since Haliburton was benched for Moe Harkless.
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Kings vs Timberwolves: Welp!

We finish off our season series with a look at the realistic expectations for our canine companions in misery moving forward!
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