Terence Davis

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Season Review: Terence Davis

Davis' season provided more questions than answers after suffering a season-ending wrist injury.
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Sacramento Kings announce Terence Davis out 3 months after wrist surgery

Davis had successful surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.
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Kings 104, Hawks 121: Who cares?

The Kings have lost the last two games by a combined 70 points. Next stop, playoffs!
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Pistons 133, Kings 131: Kings find another new way to lose

I thought I'd seen every way this team can lose a basketball game, but I was wrong.
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Kings assign Richaun Holmes and Terence Davis to Stockton

Holmes is out of health and safety protocols and working his way back to game action.
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Grizzlies 127, Kings 102: Gritty Griz grind down the Kings

The Kangz are here to remind you that Christmas is OVER.
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Kings vs. Grizzlies Preview: The Gifts That Keep On Giving

The Kings are getting some key players and their coach back today. Will it make a difference against a suddenly slumping Memphis squad?
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Strong defensive effort helps Kings hold opponent under 100 points for first time in nearly a month

Marvin Bagley has nice performance off the bench, compliments Alvin Gentry for "coaching us the right way."
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Kings 104 , Clippers 99: Gotta Win Schooner or Later!

The Kings beat the Clippers in Sacramento for the first time in eight years! Does it mean anything? WHO THE HELL KNOWS?!
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The Kings are killing themselves from beyond the arc

The green light should be the exception, not the rule.
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Kings vs. Pelicans Preview: It’s a trap!

The Kings should, should, should have an easy one tonight.
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A close battle in a tough environment: Six takeaways from Kings-Jazz

The Kings showed promise, going down to the wire against one of the NBA's elite teams on the road.
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5 takeaways from opening night against the Portland Trail Blazers

The Kings leave Portland with their first victory, but it was far from smooth sailing.
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Buddy Hield discusses still being in Sacramento, starting versus coming off the bench

Hield said whatever the team needs him to do he's prepared for that.
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Chainmail: You asked, we answered!

Special guest Akis joined the crew for this session!
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Where do the Kings stand after Day 1 of free agency?

Money was spent, contracts were signed. What do the Kings have left to do?
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Sacramento Kings extend Qualifying Offer to Terence Davis

The move makes Davis a restricted free agent.
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Terence Davis is seeking $9 million per year, per report

Davis will decline the Qualifying Offer, as expected.
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Season Review: Terence Davis

Davis' on court production is muddled by his off court concerns.