Ben Simmons

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Kings vs Nets Preview: The Beam Seen ‘Round The World

Because, ya know, the world IS a spheroid.
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Kings vs. Nets Preview: Do or Donate, There Is No Try!

Love is in the air, the Kings have won four of six and are they're looking to go streaking tonight against a limited Nets squad!
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Report: Kings End Pursuit for Ben Simmons, per Woj

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski says the Kings feel the Philadelphia 76ers' asking price for Ben Simmons is "too steep."
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Chainmail: Hitting new lows

You ask, answer!
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Report: Kings interested in Jerami Grant

Grant could be a backup plan if more aggressive trade ideas fall through.
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Report: Kings pursuing Ben Simmons or Domantas Sabonis

As expected, Sacramento's front office is chasing some huge names.
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Chris Haynes discussed De’Aaron Fox trade rumors with Deuce and Mo

The Kings plan to build around Fox, but Fox knows nothing is off the table.
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Monte McNair has a green light “to do whatever is necessary”, per Sam Amick

Amick also reports the Kings remain interested in Ben Simmons
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Report: Kings not engaged in trade talks for Ben Simmons

It doesn't seem as though Ben Simmons is coming to Sacramento anytime soon.
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Kings Pulse: The beginning of the end for Marvin Bagley in Sacramento

We react to Marvin Bagley's agent's twitter tirade, discuss the Kings options moving forward, and look at the drama unfolding in Philadelphia.
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Is Ben Simmons the right solution for the Sacramento Kings?

The point forward would solve a lot of problems for the Kings, while also creating new ones.
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Chainmail: Preseason Overreactions

You ask, we answer!
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30Q: What if Ben Simmons is traded elsewhere?

The Kings need more top-end talent, so where can they pivot if Simmons is no longer an option?
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30Q: Should the Kings be focusing on acquiring talent or building culture?

If Ben Simmons = talent and Tyrese Haliburton = building culture, which is more valuable for the Kings right now?
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Kings Pulse: Understanding Ben Simmons and his fit in Sacramento w/ Jackson Frank

Jackson Frank joins the show to give some insight into Ben Simmons and potential deals.
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Amick: The Kings aren’t a likely landing spot for Ben Simmons

The two teams would very much like you to know that they aren't budging.