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Kings 114, Bulls 122: Sacramento’s downfall was defense once again

Zach LaVine and the Chicago Bulls proved to be too much for the shorthanded Sacramento Kings.
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Kings 110 , Heat 118: The Wheels Have Fallen Off the Hype Train

The Miami Heat hit the Kings with "Death By A Thousand Cuts" and Sacramento is suddenly crashing at the worst possible moment.
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Kings 125, Nets 136: Sacramento reels under Brooklyn’s three-point barrage

After a big winning streak, the Kings have now lost four in a row.
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Kings 110, Grizzlies 124: The Kangz are back

Just an embarrassing showing by the Kings.
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Kings 112, Magic 123: This is why we can’t have nice things

Even without De'Aaron Fox playing, this was the most disappointing loss of the season.
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Kings vs. Magic Preview: Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Doom?

The Kings are looking to stay red-hot and keep their winning ways going with a win over a depleted Magic team!
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Kings 111, Sixers 119: Streak Snapped!

A big second quarter run woke the Kings up, but they couldn't hang onto their lead in the fourth.
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Kings 113 , Clippers 110: SACRAMENTO IS ABOVE .500!!!!!

The Kings do the damn things against the Clippers and De'Aaron Fox is the best player that has ever existed in the history of sports.
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Kings 119, Nuggets 114: Sacramento moves to 3-0 against Denver this season

Despite Nikola Jokic's herculean 50-point outing, four Kings eclipsed 20 points in a tough battle.
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Kings 116, Celtics 111: The NBA has a De’Aaron Fox problem

De'Aaron Fox outduels Jayson Tatum in crunch time and the Kings win a big game at home.