Chris Paul

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Kings vs Suns Preview: Can the Kings stop the hottest team in the West?

There could be Ayton at stake in this game.
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The impact of De’Aaron Fox’s increased mid-range threat

De'Aaron Fox is attempting mid-range shots at a career-high rate this season for good reason. And, he's been knocking them down.
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Suns 109, Kings 104: Sun sets early, but Suns rise late

The Kings flew too close to the sun in the first half and got burned badly in the second.
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Kings vs. Suns Preview: New Flare, Don’t Care

The Kings don't have time to wallow about disappointing games - the Suns are in town and looking for revenge.
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Reviewing free agents, trades the Kings could make to try to emulate the Suns success

Should the Kings swing for the fences on an aging star past their prime?
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Suns 122, Kings 114: Competitive Game, but a 9th Straight Loss

The Sacramento Kings have lost their 9th straight loss (again) as the sun sets on this roller coaster season.
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Kings vs. Suns Preview: Eight and Counting…

Remember last season when the Kings had a better record than the Suns?
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Suns 116, Kings 100: Undefeated no more

Phoenix got their revenge against Sacramento as Tyrese Haliburton impressed again.
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Around the Realm: Chris Paul traded to the Suns, players and team begin exercising contract options

A surprisingly quiet day for trades, but still plenty of NBA action.