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Kings 153, Nets 121: Kings Go Streaking on National Television

Kings win 4th in a row by blowing out the Brooklyn Nets on TNT stage
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Kings vs Nets Preview: The Beam Seen ‘Round The World

Because, ya know, the world IS a spheroid.
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Nets 109, Kings 85: Can’t buy a bucket in Brooklyn

The Kings had one of their worst shooting nights of the season and the Nets ended their 11-game losing streak as a result.
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Kings vs. Nets Preview: Do or Donate, There Is No Try!

Love is in the air, the Kings have won four of six and are they're looking to go streaking tonight against a limited Nets squad!
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Kings 112, Nets 101: Never fear, Brooklyn is here

The Kings end their own seven-game losing streak while extending the Nets to six games in a row.
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Kings vs. Nets Preview: A Winter Bleak

Tomorrow will mark one week before the NBA Trade Deadline without a clear move in sight. Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today.
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Around The Realm: Nets announce Kyrie won’t practice or play with team

The Nets took a stand but handled it gracefully.
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Around the Realm: LaMarcus Aldridge is retiring due to health concerns

Aldridge announced his retirement via social media.
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Chainmail: Question time!

You ask, we answer!
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Kings 118, Nets 127: Tyrese Haliburton has a career night, Kings get better draft position

Tyrese Haliburton ties his career-high with 23 points, Sacramento falls to 12-19 on the season.
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Kings 125, Nets 136: Sacramento reels under Brooklyn’s three-point barrage

After a big winning streak, the Kings have now lost four in a row.
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Kings vs Nets Preview: Do You Believe in Life After Love?

The Kings got a goose egg in the wins column for Valentine's Day and now their relationship with the Western Conference is on the rocks again.
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Around the Realm: Free Agency Day 1 Roundup

The league looks very different after a wild first day of free agency.
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Around the Realm: Chris Paul traded to the Suns, players and team begin exercising contract options

A surprisingly quiet day for trades, but still plenty of NBA action.
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Around the Realm: Dennis Schroder traded to Lakers, Harden wants to join the Nets

We round up today's news and rumors from around the league.
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Kings 106, Nets 119: Somewhere below rock bottom

The Kings are embarrassing themselves in Orlando.
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Kings vs. Nets Preview: Your guess is as good as mine

So the Kings get their first win in the bubble and will now face off against a very short-handed Nets team. Disappointing follow-up game in 3...2...1...
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Sacramento Kings shut down practice facility after positive coronavirus tests, per report

The Kings become the latest team to shut down their practice facilities.