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Kings Pulse: What are the Kings getting in Domantas Sabonis?

Mark Schindler joins the show to break down just how good Sabonis is, his fit, and more.
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Breaking down the latest Kings trade rumors, with Jerry Reynolds and Greg Wissinger

Greg Wissinger joins Jerry, Will, and Tony on The Kings Herald Show this week to talk trade deadline.
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Kings Pulse: Evaluating Sacramento’s trade assets with James Ham

James joined me to break down the value of McNair's assets for this deadline.
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Kings Pulse: Portland Perspective on the Trade Deadline

Trail Blazers expert Danny Marang joins the show to talk about the deadline from Portland's POV.
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Kings Pulse: Exploring Turner & Sabonis Deals w/ Mark Schindler

What would it take to trade for Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis?
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The Kings are bad again. Where do they go from here?

Two weeks later, same old Kings. Listen to Jerry, Will, and Tony break down all the latest Kings news and notes.
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Kings Pulse: Checking in at the Halfway Point

Half of the season is officially in the books! We give our thoughts on each player's performance so far.
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Kings Pulse: There’s no NEED to Trade De’Aaron Fox

The Kings need more talent... so maybe they shouldn't trade away their best player?
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Can the Kings still salvage the 2021-22 NBA season?

Jerry, Tony and Will are back to discuss the Kings current woes.
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Kings Pulse: A frustrating night as players returned to action

Dissecting postgame moments from Gentry, Davis, and Fox. Players need to "look in the mirror", plus a needed talk about Buddy.