Utah Jazz

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Jazz 134, Kings 125: Too Much Jazz

De'Aaron Fox and Jordan Clarkson put on a show.
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Kings vs Jazz Preview: It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got Them Kangz)

The Kings have lost six of eight since the All-Star Break, sooooo... win streak incoming?
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Jazz 123, Kings 105: A Sickening Performance

After three solid quarters the Kings made a mess of the fourth.
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Kings vs. Jazz Preview: And the Band Plays On…

It's a back to back with Luke Walton's job on the line? Okay, fine, I'll watch.
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A close battle in a tough environment: Six takeaways from Kings-Jazz

The Kings showed promise, going down to the wire against one of the NBA's elite teams on the road.
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Kings vs. Jazz Preview: Second Chance at a First Impression

The Kings are in Utah to run it back against the team that handed them their first loss of the season.
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Jazz 110, Kings 101: A late collapse overshadows a strong effort

The Kings played a fun, tough game but ultimately fell apart late against one of the best teams in the West.
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Kings vs. Jazz Fan Predictions

For the final time this season, it's prediction time!
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All that glitters

What can we take away from the Kings end of the season?
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Kings vs. Jazz Preview: Let’s Direct Some Jazz

After beating the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday evening, the Kings should have an easy time against the Utah Jazz, right?
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Kings vs. Jazz Preview: Time to Face the Music

There is a professional basketball game today in which the Kings play. Watch at your own risk.
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20Q: Where will the Kings finish in the West?

The Western Conference is stacked, and the Kings' roster is... not.
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Kings showing interest in Glenn Robinson III, per report

The Kings are still looking at options to add wing depth.
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Around the Realm: Morey to the Sixers, Miller family sell the Jazz

Big changes around the league on Wednesday.
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NBA Tip Off Open Thread

The NBA is officially back!