Tyreke Evans

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Tales from the Drought: Tyreke’s Big Week

From December 16th to December 21st of 2009, Tyreke Evans made clutch play after clutch play to win three huge games.
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Tyreke Evans appears to be attempting a comeback

Tyreke has returned to the public eye after a long absence.
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De’Aaron Fox can’t save the Sacramento Kings

One player can only do so much.

The Sactown Chronicles: The Post-Adelman Spiral

Those last eight years were sure fun right? Life just hasn't been the same since the Kings fired Rick Adelman. At least we kept our team in Sacramento though.

The Top 50 Sacramento Kings of All-Time: 20-11

Part four of our list of the greatest Sacramento Kings of all-time.
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Best of the Decade: Game Winners

In basketball there's often nothing more exciting than a game winner. We take a look back at Sacramento's 10 best game winners of the decade.
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Quarantine Rewind: Gavin Maloof Cuts A Promo On Negative Fans After Drafting Tyreke Evans

To fill some time during the NBA's quarantine hiatus, we're revisiting some interesting moments in Kings history. Today we start with Gavin Maloof yelling at Kings fans.