John Collins

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Should the Kings trade for John Collins?

There’s a lot of smoke around Collins, and a lot of it is drifting around Sacramento.
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Report: Kings may not trade 4th, interested in John Collins

The Kings are right in the middle of the rumor mill.
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Kings Pulse: Building around Fox & Sabonis w/ Sam Amick

Sam Amick joins the show and gives his insight on the past deadline and looming offseason for Sacramento.
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Chainmail: Hitting new lows

You ask, answer!
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Report: Kings offered Marvin Bagley for John Collins

The Kings third-year big man is on the block.
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Report: Hornets, Raptors, others interested in Richaun Holmes

Could the Kings starting center be on the move?
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The Kings are reportedly interested in John Collins

With the trade deadline just days away, we've got a fresh batch of rumors.
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Around The Realm: Big extensions for OG Anunoby, Luke Kennard, Jonathan Isaac, and more

It was a big day for NBA extensions. We'll run down who got paid and who will hit free agency next summer.