Cleveland Cavaliers

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Kings 106, Cavaliers 95: Kings Redeem the Beam in Cleveland

Kings finish on 19-0 run to grind out another impressive win. LIGHT THAT BEAM!
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Kings vs Cavaliers Preview: All for One (Playoff Appearance)

The Kings are on their second leg of the road trip and looking to bounce back against the third best team in the East.
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Kings 127, Cavaliers 120: Homecoming Kings Earn their Crown

Kings return to Sacramento to deliver a big win for the hometown crowd.
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Kings vs. Cavs Preview: The Alternatives Not Known

The Cavs tanked for a couple of years and now they're second in the East. Yeah, it's one of THOSE previews. (No, it's not.)
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Kings vs. Bucks Preview: Stopping Wherever They Please

The Kings are going to follow-up losing to two of the worst teams in the league with a 7 game stretch against some of it's best. Whoopie.
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Kings vs Cavaliers Preview: Lights on, Nobody Home

The Kings are in a four game skid for the third time this season and going nowhere fast! Hey, Evan Mobley is a fun watch though!
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Kings vs. Cavaliers Preview: All For One, One for All

Can the Kings rebound from a disappointing game against the upstart Cleveland Cavaliers?
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Kings 119, Cavaliers 105: A Career Night for Tyrese Haliburton

Tyrese Haliburton returns to form just in time to make that Rookie of the Year conversation a little more interesting.
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Kings vs. Cavaliers Preview: The End of the Road (Trip)

The Kings wrap up their road trip against a very talented but very tanky Cleveland Cavaliers squad! Meanwhile, the trade deadline inches ever closer.
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Sacramento Kings hosting 3rd Team Up For Change summit

You can watch the event live on Kings.com
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Play a 30-Team Playoff, You Cowards

It's time to embrace the weirdness and the chaos of the world around us.