Bogdan Bogdanovic

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Around the Realm: Free Agency Day 1 Roundup

The league looks very different after a wild first day of free agency.
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Report: The Lakers, Hawks and several other teams are expected to pursue Bogdan Bogdanovic in free agency

Despite the trade with Milwaukee falling apart, Bogdan Bogdanovic is expected to receive significant interest in free agency.
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2020 Sacramento Kings Free Agent Big Board

Who should Sacramento target in free agency?
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The NBA has launched an investigation into the failed Kings-Bucks trade

Did the Kings do enough to cover themselves by refusing to acknowledge the trade?
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Milwaukee Bucks waive Ersan Ilyasova, signaling that the Bogdanovic sign-and-trade is completely dead

Ilyasova's contract was necessary for the sign-and-trade to work under the cap.
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Monte McNair says it will always be about the best player available

We learned a little more about McNair's direction with the team in his post-draft media session
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Kings Pulse: A phenomenal 2020 NBA Draft for Sacramento

The Sacramento Kings selected three players that we deemed as first-round prospects in the draft.
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The Bogdan Bogdanovic sign-and-trade is off, per reports

Bogdan Bogdanovic will enter free agency.
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Sacramento Kings trade Bogdan Bogdanovic to Milwaukee for Donte DiVincenzo, DJ Wilson, and Ersan Ilyasova

Although free agency hasn't started yet, the Kings and Bogi are parting ways in a sign and trade deal.
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Bucks and Hawks pursuing Bogdan Bogdanovic, per report

Bogi is suddenly a hot target in free agency.
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The 2021 NBA season will begin on December 22nd

Kings Christmas Day game anyone???
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Report: The Kings are not actively pursuing a Buddy Hield trade

The latest update on Buddy Hield's future in Sacramento.
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How Much Will It Cost To Re-Sign Bogdan Bogdanovic?

ESPN's Bobby Marks released salary projections for the best available 2020 NBA free agents.
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Would you rather: Trade Buddy Hield now or try to rebuild his value?

Should the Kings cash out on Hield this summer, or should Monte McNair try to rebuild his value before exploring the trade market?

Three Kings appear in the Athletic’s Top 125 players

De'Aaron Fox lands highest on The Athletic's list among current Sacramento Kings
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Would you rather: Kyle Kuzma or Donte DiVincenzo?

Let's make up some trade scenarios and disagree politely, shall we?
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The Milwaukee Bucks are interested in Bogdan Bogdanovic, per report

Welcome back, Free Agency Rumors. We missed you.
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5 Key Takeaways from Monte McNair’s introductory press conference

McNair discusses Luke Walton, the current Kings roster, his goals as the new general manager and more
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Bogdan Bogdanovic is headed for a complicated offseason

Both the Sacramento Kings and Bogdan Bogdanovic have some tough choices ahead of them.
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Chainmail: Answering your questions about the Sacramento Kings

We're talking Monte McNair, trade possibilities, draft prospects, and much, much more!
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An uncertain future is better than certain failure

No doubt about it, I am ready to be hurt again.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Meaningless – NBA Bubble Games, Week 3

The Sacramento Kings went 1-3 this week and were eliminated from the Playoffs for the 14th year in a row.
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Orlando should have been more than a €˜learning experience’ for the Kings

It would be nice to believe that the Kings are going to take this experience, learn from it and come back next season to make the playoffs. The track record says otherwise.