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Report: Jordi Fernandez expected to be a candidate for Atlanta Hawks head coach

In the wake of the Hawks firing Nate McMillan, Mike Brown’s top assistant is expected to be a candidate.
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Kings 106, Hawks 115: The birds cook the Kings

The seven-game win streak has been snapped.
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Kings Pulse: Getting to know Kevin Huerter with Glen Willis

Hawks reporter Glen Willis joins the podcast to share his insight on Kevin Huerter.
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Report: Kings may not trade 4th, interested in John Collins

The Kings are right in the middle of the rumor mill.
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Kings 104, Hawks 121: Who cares?

The Kings have lost the last two games by a combined 70 points. Next stop, playoffs!
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Yeah, I know the Kings lost by 53 last night, I'm just spotting them a few extra because I'm nice and they're terrible.
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Hawks 108, Kings 102: Kings fall short in the most predictable ways possible

The Kings wasted great performances from both De'Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton
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Kings vs. Hawks Preview: Birds of a Feather

The Kings are on a second night of a back to back and playing a Hawks team that has sorely disappointed so far this season.
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Tristan Thompson trade still expected to go through, per report

The final deal could end up looking different from the way it was originally reported.
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Breaking: Kings trade Delon Wright for Tristan Thompson

Sacramento upped its big man depth and cleared out a guard.
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Report: Kings offered Marvin Bagley for John Collins

The Kings third-year big man is on the block.
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Report: Hornets, Raptors, others interested in Richaun Holmes

Could the Kings starting center be on the move?
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The Kings are reportedly interested in John Collins

With the trade deadline just days away, we've got a fresh batch of rumors.
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Report: The Hawks offered a protected first round pick for Bogdan Bogdanovic

The Bogdan Bogdanovic saga takes another wild twist.
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Remain Calm, All Is Well

Why I'm not upset even though the Kings didn't match the deal for Bogdan Bogdanovic.