Mar. 04, 7:00 PM
Mar. 04, 7:00 PM


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Vivek Ranadivé named worst NBA owner in poll by The Athletic

The Kings chairman was named the worst NBA owner in a poll of league insiders.
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Kyle Guy made the most of his opportunity against Portland

Can Guy use the remainder of the preseason to make a case for himself as a part of the Kings rotation?
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20Q: Which Kings will exceed expectations?

Some of the older faces could benefit from the surrounding incoming talent.
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Why do we root for bad teams?

A question all Kings fans ask themselves from time to time.
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20Q: Can Luke Walton salvage his future in Sacramento?

Is the Kings Head Coach doomed from the start?
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20Q: Will the Kings sign another point guard?

As it stands, the Kings lack quality, if any, initiating behind De'Aaron Fox.
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20Q: Why stress about this season?

One more bad season wouldn't be the end of the world, not when the 2021 draft class is looming.
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20Q: How will the Kings’ system change?

The system is going to change a lot or a little depending on who you listen to.