Rick Adelman

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Kings 128, Suns 119: 40 WINS!

The Kings broke through a dubious milestone and secured their 40th win of the season.
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What makes a coach a “retread”?

Looking at the Kings list of coaching finalists, there seems to be an experience requirement to meet in person with the Kings first-time general manager - but are these coaches experienced, or retread coaches?
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Chris Webber, Rick Adelman, and Yolanda Griffith to be inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame tomorrow

Sacramento's best get their due in tomorrow's Hall of Fame ceremony.
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Kings remain average offensively, really bad defensively

It's been this way for what seems like forever, right?

The Sactown Chronicles: Playoffs? We talking Playoffs?!?

For eight glorious seasons under Rick Adelman, the Kings were actually good.