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Kings vs Warriors Game 4 Preview: A Shootout At High Noon

After dropping their first playoff game in 17 years, the Sacramento Kings have yet another chance to put the defending champions within a game of elimination.
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The Sacramento Kings need to find their offensive flow

Early shot-clock three-pointers and a lack of lane penetration killed the Kings on Thursday evening.
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Kings vs Warriors Game 3 Preview: Upside Down in the Valley

The Sacramento Kings hold a 2-0 series lead over the defending champions - widely considered rude and very unwise by experts in the Bay Area.
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Sacramento has upped their intensity on the defensive end of the floor

The Kings have found success through two games by being physical, winning the pace battle, and maintaining their poise.
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Royal Roundtable: Playoff Basketball is fun

The Kings Herald staff discusses the first two games against the Warriors and their thoughts on the series moving forwards.
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Draymond Green suspended for Game 3

The league responded to Draymond’s stomp.
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Following Mike Brown’s lead, the Kings are displaying physical and mental toughness

The Kings are putting a lot of offensive and defensive pressure on the Warriors.