Philadelphia 76ers

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76ers 129, Kings 127: Second Half Breakdown Ends the Winning Streak

Tyrese Maxey out-dueled De'Aaron Fox as the 76ers won without Joel Embiid or James Harden.
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Kings vs Sixers Preview: Morey or Less

The Kings have won six straight and have to beat a red hot Sixers squad to keep the good times rolling.
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76ers 103, Kings 101: Nothing new here

Tyrese Haliburton had a career night, but ultimately, the Kangz showed up.
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Report: Kings pursuing Ben Simmons or Domantas Sabonis

As expected, Sacramento's front office is chasing some huge names.
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Chris Haynes discussed De’Aaron Fox trade rumors with Deuce and Mo

The Kings plan to build around Fox, but Fox knows nothing is off the table.
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Report: Kings not engaged in trade talks for Ben Simmons

It doesn't seem as though Ben Simmons is coming to Sacramento anytime soon.
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Kings vs. Sixers Preview: Ben There, Done That

A new era in Kings basketball starts tod-ahhhahahaha. No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I tried.
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Is Ben Simmons the right solution for the Sacramento Kings?

The point forward would solve a lot of problems for the Kings, while also creating new ones.
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Report: 76ers and Lakers are interested in Buddy Hield, trade appears “on the horizon”

According to The Athletic's Sam Amick, a Buddy Hield trade is a legitimate possibility this summer.
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The Kings are reportedly interested in Ben Simmons, but it won’t be cheap

If the Kings are going to land Ben Simmons, they're going to have to pay a massive price.
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What can the Kings get for Marvin Bagley?

If the big man's time is finished in Sacramento, can the Kings get any value for him in the trade market?
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Ben Simmons is a great buy-low candidate for the Kings

Ben Simmons might be available this summer, and it's a risk worth taking for Sacramento.
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Chainmail: Trade Machine Answers

Tony joins us to respond to your insane trade ideas!
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Kings vs Sixers Preview: Three in Row?!

The Kings are in Philly and looking for their fourth win in six games after the All-Star Break. Please, basketball gods, stop toying with us.
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Kings 111, Sixers 119: Streak Snapped!

A big second quarter run woke the Kings up, but they couldn't hang onto their lead in the fourth.