JT Thor

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Bryant West’s 2021 NBA Draft Big Board

The 2021 NBA Draft is finally here, and our resident armchair scout Bryant West is here to break down the first round.
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Kings Pulse: 2021 NBA Draft Prospects to Consider at Pick 39 with Nate Miller

Our friend Nathaniel Miller joined the show to help us do a deep dive into prospects who might be interesting for Sacramento with their second round pick.
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Kings Pulse: 2021 NBA Draft Prospect Profiles €“ JT Thor and BJ Boston

In the latest prospect profiles, we covered JT Thor and BJ Boston, two high upside swings that have an outside chance of lasting to the Sacramento Kings in the 2nd round.
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NBA Draft 2021: NBA Combine Measurement Results

We take a deep dive into the most nerdy and creepy part of the NBA draft process - analyzing player measurements!