Indiana Pacers

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Pacers 107, Kings 104: Revenge is for Nerds

Kings fall short in Indiana without De'Aaron Fox.
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The Sabonis Trade is a win-win until proven otherwise

It's time to put this topic to rest.
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Comparing Domantas Sabonis’ season to his two All-Star seasons

What the big man is doing this season is impressive and deserves league-wide recognition.
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Kings vs Pacers Preview: Tricks of the Trade

A couple of old friends are stopping by for a nice, uneventful game of basketball.
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30Q: What can we learn from preseason?

Preseason is rapidly approaching, and it'll be the first peak into some of Mike Brown's coaching philosophies.
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Report: Pistons, Pacers, Wizards, Knicks, and more trying to trade up to 4th pick for Jaden Ivey

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the 4th pick is in high demand.
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Tanks for nuthin!

Some thoughts on the current tanking sentiments of Kings fans.
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Kings vs Pacers Preview: Tanks for All The Memories

The Pacers have won two in a row. The Kings have lost three in a row. The 5th highest lotto odds hang in the balance.
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Kings Pulse: Re-Evaluating the Haliburton x Sabonis swap w/ Rich Ivanowski

Rich is back to debate the Kings decision to trade Tyrese Haliburton for Domantas Sabonis.
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Taking a glimpse at Sacramento’s deadline additions

Explaining what Sacramento Kings six new players bring, their contract situations, skillsets, and more.
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Trade breakdown: Analyzing the Tyrese Haliburton for Domantas Sabonis trade a day later

Taking a moment to fully evaluate the trade now that it's had time to sink in.
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Kings Pulse: What are the Kings getting in Domantas Sabonis?

Mark Schindler joins the show to break down just how good Sabonis is, his fit, and more.
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Report: Kings pursuing Ben Simmons or Domantas Sabonis

As expected, Sacramento's front office is chasing some huge names.
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Kings Pulse: Exploring Turner & Sabonis Deals w/ Mark Schindler

What would it take to trade for Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis?
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Pacers 94, Kings 91: Slow start and bad shooting dooms Kings

The Kings suffered their first truly disappointing loss of the season, dropping a home game to a shorthanded Pacers team.
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Kings vs. Pacers Preview: If You’re Reading This The Game is Starting Soooooon

The Kings are looking for a three game win streak but must go up against a Pacers team trying to find their footing in the Eastern Conference.
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All that glitters

What can we take away from the Kings end of the season?
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Kings vs. Pacers Preview: Pace Yourselves

The Kings have now won six of their last nine games. Do with that what you will.
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5 on 5: Takeaways after a 1-4 stretch

Wins are difficult to come by for the Sacramento Kings. Let's extract some takeaways.