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Kings 106, Nuggets 113: Late Denver Flurry Dooms Kings

The Sabonis-less Sacramento squad held tough for most of the game, but couldn't answer a big Nuggets run in the final minutes.
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Nuggets 106, Kings 100: Another loss closer

Kings keep rolling up the lottery ladder.
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Kings vs Nuggets Preview: Home Malone

Can the Kings just… stop playing the Nuggets already?
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Hmm, Something Feels Familiar

You can't spell Brenden without DEN. (The joke will become apparent later, just go with it!)
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Kings 110, Nuggets 128: No defense, no win

The Kings couldn't take advantage of a huge game from Domantas Sabonis.
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Things Yet Come to Pass

There are 22 games left in the season for the Kings to mess it alllllll up!
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Nuggets 121, Kings 111: Denver beats Sacramento at their “own game”

Heavy on the quotations for "own game" because I'm not convinced they really have one.
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Mile High and Lightyears Away

The Kings are in Denver to take on the reigning MVP and another squad devastated by injury.
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Let’s talk about Luke Walton’s job security

Everyone knows Luke Walton is on the hot seat. What the Athletic presupposes is, maybe he isn't?
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Report: Denver Nuggets pursuing Harrison Barnes

Another team is in the mix for the veteran forward, but are the Kings willing to move him?
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: EARLY GAME, FOLKS!

The Kings can hit the .500 mark but they'll have to do it against a Nuggets team who have won six of their last eight games!
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Kings 125, Nuggets 115: De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton take over

A huge fourth quarter run sealed the victory for Sacramento.
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: How to Control a Nikola

Mike Malone and Company return to Sacramento and ready to seek revenge for an opening night loss at the hands of the Kings.
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20Q: Where will the Kings finish in the West?

The Western Conference is stacked, and the Kings' roster is... not.
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The Sacramento Kings first half schedule has been released

We get our first look at the upcoming season for the Kings.
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Around the Realm: Virtual Drafts, Buildings named “Ball”

Looking at today's news from the around the NBA.
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Sacramento Kings shut down practice facility after positive coronavirus tests, per report

The Kings become the latest team to shut down their practice facilities.