Charlotte Hornets

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Hornets 124, Kings 123: Kings stung by depleted Hornets

Defense doesn't exist in the Kings' universe.
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Kings vs. Hornets Preview: Staying Al-hive

COVID-19 health and safety protocols have decimated Charlotte... Can the Kings capitalize?
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Richaun Holmes to miss two games recovering from eye laceration

The Kings announced that Holmes underwent a successful procedure to repair the laceration.
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Kings 140, Hornets 110: Welcome to the City of Threes

The Kings set a franchise record for three pointers made as they cruised to their second straight victory.
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Post-Game Thread: Kings win big!

The Kings won by 40 bajillion points. Let's celebrate!
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Kings vs. Hornets Preview: Fox vs. Ball 2.0?

One of the most exciting teams in the league, with a star second-year passing wizard and a forward trying to break through to the All-Star conversation, plays in Sacramento tonight! Oh and the Hornets are there too!
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Around The Realm: NBA Free Agent Moratorium Ends at 9 AM PT

Friday will see trades become official, and could hold some surprises
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Hornets, Raptors, and Mavericks expected to be interested in Richaun Holmes

It's looking very unlikely that Early Bird Rights will be enough to keep Holmes in Sacramento.

Tyrese Haliburton trails Anthony Edwards on Rookie Ladder

The number one overall pick is charging up the Rookie of the Year standings.
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Report: Hornets, Raptors, others interested in Richaun Holmes

Could the Kings starting center be on the move?
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Hornets 122, Kings 116: Kings get stung, again.

Maybe the Kings aren't bad at basketball, but instead are just sneaky good at tanking?
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Kings 126, Hornets 127: Kings choke at home

Make your free throws, kids.
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Kings vs. Hornets Preview: LaMelo-ing Out

Tyrese Haliburton isn't playing tonight in what would have been a squaring off of the top two ROTY candidates. Oh well.
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Tyrese Haliburton to miss second straight game with calf soreness

The Kings rookie is listed as Out against Charlotte.
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Around the Realm: Hornets interested in Westbrook

Tim Duncan steps away from coaching ensuring he'll always have a higher win percentage than Gregg Popovich.