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Timberwolves 134, Kings 120: Big Ant & bigger KAT prove too much for the Kings

A lot of scoring - any signs of defense = Kings loss
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Kings 121, Mavericks 107: The streak is over!!!

Apparently, 10 losses in a row is where this team draws the line.
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Suns 122, Kings 114: Competitive Game, but a 9th Straight Loss

The Sacramento Kings have lost their 9th straight loss (again) as the sun sets on this roller coaster season.
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Wizards 123, Kings 111: Gee Wiz, Kings lose eighth straight

More bad defense from the Kings means no dark sorcery needed from the Wizards tonight.
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Pelicans 117, Kings 110: Late comeback falls short

Sacramento cut a 26 point deficit to just 4 points but it proved too little, too late.
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Kings vs. Pelicans Preview: A Meaningful Game???

As the play-in game slips further and further from reach, the Kings have a match-up against the Pelicans that could keep the team clinging to a shred of hope.
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Pistons 113, Kings 101: A new, new low

Luke Walton was bad. The Kings were bad. What's new?
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Timberwolves 116, Kings 106: Kings get hunted by the Wolves

Nobody wanted this team to make the play-in anyways, right?