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Kings 122, Warriors 115: The stars lead the way

Domantas Sabonis and De'Aaron Fox drove the Kings to a close victory.
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Warriors 116, Kings 113: Too Much Stuff from Steph

It took 47 points from Stephen Curry for the reigning champions to beat the Kings.
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Kings 114, Warriors 126: Klay crushes Kings

The three-point line was the difference-maker tonight.
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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Come Out to Play!

*ring ring* *ring ring* “H-Hello?” … “SEVEN DAAAAAAYS”.
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Warriors 113, Kings 98: Valiant effort from the Kings, but the Warriors close out the fourth

Shorthanded Kings left it all on the floor, but fell to the best defense in the league.
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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Reign-y Day Kings

Can the Kings continue their solid play to start the season against a championship hopeful? Can I finish this preview before my power goes out again??
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Season Review: Buddy Hield

Reviewing the 2020-21 season for the up and down Kings guard.
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Warriors 117, Kings 113: Kings fall short down the stretch

The Good, Bad, and Ugly - Buddy Hield edition
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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Life Without Fox

De'Aaron Fox has been placed in the NBA's health and safety protocols, and is expected to miss at least 10 days. The unintentional tank is on.
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Buddy Hield won’t participate in this year’s 3 Point Shootout

Buddy's absence means there will be no Kings at All-Star weekend.
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Buddy Hield made 1,000 career 3-pointers faster than any player in NBA history

If a milestone is reached in a terrible loss, does it make a sound?
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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Steph Up or Step Out!

The Warriors are playing on the second night of a back to back in a game where Steph Curry scored 62 points. The Kings are... well... they're Kangzing.
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Chainmail: Submit your questions about the Sacramento Kings

Let's chat about some dad-to-dad drama, shall we?
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Warriors 113 – Kings 109: Third quarter lapse leads to loss

The kings battled hard in the first half, but an early third quarter run by the Warriors was too much to overcome.
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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Lets Get Weird

The Kings are back in Sacramento for their last two preseason games and face off against familiar foes.
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Quarantine Rewind: Gavin Maloof Cuts A Promo On Negative Fans After Drafting Tyreke Evans

To fill some time during the NBA's quarantine hiatus, we're revisiting some interesting moments in Kings history. Today we start with Gavin Maloof yelling at Kings fans.