D’Angelo Russell

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Timberwolves 117, Kings 110: DLo + Ant = King Killers

Kings start long road trip with a stinker.
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Kings 128, Timberwolves 125: Buddy Buckets leads the way

The Kings scored a comeback victory in the fourth.
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Timberwolves 134, Kings 120: Big Ant & bigger KAT prove too much for the Kings

A lot of scoring - any signs of defense = Kings loss
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Timberwolves 116, Kings 106: Kings get hunted by the Wolves

Nobody wanted this team to make the play-in anyways, right?
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Kings vs. Timberwolves Preview: Laying with Dogs

The Kings have lost 3 straight and looking to swing the pendulum back the other way for the fourth? fifth? time this season.