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5 adjustments to watch for in Game 2 of Kings, Warriors series

Mike Brown and Steve Kerr know each other well. Their adjustments throughout this series will be interesting to watch.
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Kings Pulse: Anthony Slater’s perspective on the series

Anthony Slater of The Athletic joins the show to share his thought on the looming Sacramento x Golden State playoff series.
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Royal Roundtable: Can Kings topple the Champs?

In the second of our two part roundtable series, The Kings Herald Staff gives their predictions on the outcome of the first round series against the Warriors.
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Mike Brown says physicality will be a key factor against the Warriors

The Kings are preparing for what they expect to be a physical series against the Golden State Warriors.
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Royal Roundtable: Warriors, come out to Play

In the first of a two part roundtable series, The Kings Herald Staff looks ahead to the matchup against the defending Champs.
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Sacramento’s second-half struggles allowed one ridiculous no-call to be the difference

The late-game officiating was an issue, but there was more to the game than a lack of calls.
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Tales from the Drought: Miracle in Minnesota

This wasn't Sacramento's biggest comeback ever, but it might have been the most improbable.
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Kings vs. Warriors Preview: Come Out to Play!

*ring ring* *ring ring* “H-Hello?” … “SEVEN DAAAAAAYS”.
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Warriors 113 – Kings 109: Third quarter lapse leads to loss

The kings battled hard in the first half, but an early third quarter run by the Warriors was too much to overcome.
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Chainmail: Responding to your (insane) trade ideas

Will and I sifted through the horrors that can be produced by the trade machine.