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30Q: What is Richaun Holmes’ impact this season?

Can Holmes thrive off the bench and play spot minutes with Domantas Sabonis?
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30Q: Can the Kings get more out of Domantas Sabonis?

Domantas Sabonis is already very good at basketball, but can the Kings get even more out of the 26-year-old big man?
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30Q: Can the Kings protect the rim?

Mike Brown has some difficult lineup decisions to make.
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30Q: Can Keegan Murray win Rookie of the Year?

It's not Sacramento's primary goal, but Keegan Murray's consistency and continued growth could put him in the conversation.
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30Q: Where are the Small Forwards?

While Monte McNair says the roster is balanced and versatile, his moves have done little to bring in true forward depth.
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30Q: Can the Kings balance minutes to keep everyone happy?

Luke Walton has a lot of lineup juggling to do.
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30Q: Is Louis King ready to contribute in Sacramento?

The Kings need more depth at the wing spot, and Louis King looked great in Las Vegas Summer League - is he ready for meaningful NBA minutes?
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30Q: Can Tyrese Haliburton become a star?

Tyrese Haliburton's growth over his rookie season shows he could exceed every pre-draft expectation.