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How will Mike Brown build his coaching staff?

Now that the Kings have their head coach, the next question is if he'll retain anyone from the current Kings coaching staff.
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Trust the Results, Fear the Process

The Kings ended up with a solid candidate as their new head coach, but the process still raises concerns.
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You asked, we answered!
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It’s the hope that kills you

I'm tired of hoping I'm wrong.
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What makes a coach a “retread”?

Looking at the Kings list of coaching finalists, there seems to be an experience requirement to meet in person with the Kings first-time general manager - but are these coaches experienced, or retread coaches?
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Season Review: Domantas Sabonis

Sabonis played well in his short time in Sacramento, but can the Kings successfully build around him?
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Season Review: Richaun Holmes

Things did not go as planned for Richaun Holmes.
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Season Review: Harrison Barnes

Barnes has another solid year for the Kings, but questions about his defense and his long term fit with the roster still remain.
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Sacramento Kings Head Coach Candidate Profile: Greg Wissinger

We have one final wildcard candidate for the Kings coaching search.