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Kings Pulse: HB is “irreplaceable”, Keegan’s growth, Fox setting the tone, and the bench production

Talking through some big takeaways following Sacramento's win over the Memphis Grizzlies.
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Report: Kings End Pursuit for Ben Simmons, per Woj

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski says the Kings feel the Philadelphia 76ers' asking price for Ben Simmons is "too steep."
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Kings Pulse: Trade Deadline Reactions w/ Tim Maxwell

Tim Maxwell joins the show as we express our reactions the somewhat quiet deadline for the Sacramento Kings and how it impacts the future.
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Kings Pulse: Full 2021 Trade Deadline Primer

Nearly 90 minutes of conversation about the upcoming trade deadline from Sacramento's point of view.
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Report: Sacramento may not be highly motivated to move Harrison Barnes

Sam Amick reports that Boston's assets for Barnes may not be enough return.