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Shams: Kings among teams that have “expressed interest” in Donovan Mitchell

It's hard to see a path for the Kings to acquire the Utah star.
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Kings vs Celtics Preview: A Long Way from Fenway

The surging Celtics are in Sacramento hoping for a post-St. Paddy's Day smackdown. Still, Sabonis and Co. stand a snowball's chance in a steamroom!
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Celtics 128, Kings 75: Oof

The deepest and heaviest of exhales.
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Kings vs Celtics Preview: As Luck Would Have It

The trade deadline is 15 days away and the Kings have lost three in a row...
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Kings will face Boston Celtics for Summer League Championship

The Kings win over the Mavericks secured their spot in the finals.
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Tristan Thompson trade still expected to go through, per report

The final deal could end up looking different from the way it was originally reported.
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Breaking: Kings trade Delon Wright for Tristan Thompson

Sacramento upped its big man depth and cleared out a guard.
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Sacramento asked for Marcus Smart in Harrison Barnes talks

Smart could bring a pretty significant culture change to Sacramento.
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Report: Denver Nuggets pursuing Harrison Barnes

Another team is in the mix for the veteran forward, but are the Kings willing to move him?
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Chainmail: Trade Machine Answers

Tony joins us to respond to your insane trade ideas!
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Kings 107, Celtics 96: Fox and Holmes save the day

Kings hold the Celtics under 100 points for their second win in a row
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Kings Pulse: Full 2021 Trade Deadline Primer

Nearly 90 minutes of conversation about the upcoming trade deadline from Sacramento's point of view.
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Another day, another round of Harrison Barnes speculation

Trade rumors continue to swirl around Harrison Barnes.
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Report: Sacramento may not be highly motivated to move Harrison Barnes

Sam Amick reports that Boston's assets for Barnes may not be enough return.
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Kings Pulse: Potential of Barnes to Boston w/ Adam Taylor

What should the Sacramento Kings ask Boston for in return for Harrison Barnes?
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Scalabrine: “The Celtics want Harrison Barnes”

There continues to be smoke around Harrison Barnes and the Boston Celtics.
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Harrison Barnes is the type of player Danny Ainge is looking for

The Boston Celtics are in need of wing depth and Harrison Barnes fits perfectly into their traded player exception while also being their ideal prototype.