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De’Aaron Fox is playing some amazing basketball

Fox has been playing out of his mind lately, and it's worth taking a moment to recognize it.
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Buddy Hield is shooting better since Tyrese Haliburton became a starter

Buddy's shooting has returned to form over the last 12 games.
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How does the Delon Wright acquisition affect Richaun Holmes’ future in Sacramento?

If the Kings don't make another move, Holmes may not be an option in free agency.
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Buddy Hield made 1,000 career 3-pointers faster than any player in NBA history

If a milestone is reached in a terrible loss, does it make a sound?
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It’s time to bench Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph may bring a veteran presence to the Kings, but his on-court production is just too limited to justify his playing time
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Making sense of Marvin Bagley’s minutes

Marvin Bagley has been playing well, so why isn't he playing more?
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Harrison Barnes is having the best season of his career

Barnes has been great for the Kings this season.
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De’Aaron Fox is becoming “the guy” for the Sacramento Kings

Fox's recent stretch has demonstrated what he can be for this franchise.
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Why aren’t the Kings shooting more threes?

After an preseason flurry of threes, the Kings rank near the bottom of the league in long range attempts.
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Has Buddy Hield broken out of his shooting slump?

Is Buddy Buckets back? Or is this just a temporary positive regression?