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Kings 104, Hawks 121: Who cares?

The Kings have lost the last two games by a combined 70 points. Next stop, playoffs!
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Celtics 128, Kings 75: Oof

The deepest and heaviest of exhales.
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Bucks 133, Kings 127: Stacking losses

Kings suffer their third loss in a row.
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Pistons 133, Kings 131: Kings find another new way to lose

I thought I'd seen every way this team can lose a basketball game, but I was wrong.
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Rockets 118, Kings 112: Kings lose without their backcourt

No Tyrese Haliburton and an ejected De'Aaron Fox leave the Kings unable to close out the Rockets.
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Kings 126, Rockets 114: Taking Care of Business

De'Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley's big nights carried the Sacramento Kings to their second straight win.
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Kings 125, Lakers 116: Kings win AND Lakers lose!

It doesn't get any better than that.
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Cavaliers 109, Kings 108: Kings fight back but fall short

Neemias Queta gives Kings fans something to feel good about.
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Nuggets 121, Kings 111: Denver beats Sacramento at their “own game”

Heavy on the quotations for "own game" because I'm not convinced they really have one.