Nikola Jokic

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Nuggets 106, Kings 100: Another loss closer

Kings keep rolling up the lottery ladder.
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Kings vs Nuggets Preview: Home Malone

Can the Kings just… stop playing the Nuggets already?
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Nuggets 115, Kings 110: Joker gets the last laugh

Nikola Jokic logs another triple double to close out the Kings.
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Kings 110, Nuggets 128: No defense, no win

The Kings couldn't take advantage of a huge game from Domantas Sabonis.
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Things Yet Come to Pass

There are 22 games left in the season for the Kings to mess it alllllll up!
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Nuggets 121, Kings 111: Denver beats Sacramento at their “own game”

Heavy on the quotations for "own game" because I'm not convinced they really have one.
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Mile High and Lightyears Away

The Kings are in Denver to take on the reigning MVP and another squad devastated by injury.
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Kings 119, Nuggets 114: Sacramento moves to 3-0 against Denver this season

Despite Nikola Jokic's herculean 50-point outing, four Kings eclipsed 20 points in a tough battle.
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Kings 125, Nuggets 115: De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton take over

A huge fourth quarter run sealed the victory for Sacramento.
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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: How to Control a Nikola

Mike Malone and Company return to Sacramento and ready to seek revenge for an opening night loss at the hands of the Kings.
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Harry Giles claims he’s the best passing big after Jokic

Harry Giles took to Twitter to proclaim himself the best passing big in the NBA after Nikola Jokic. We're inclined to agree.